Seetiyan Punjabi Ringtone Download – Hardeep Grewal

Seetiyan Punjabi Ringtone Download – Whistles is a melodious track composed, written and sung by talented artist Hardeep Grewal. What a perfect blend of soulful lyrics and mesmerizing music, emotions and rhythm of the song.

Kya Music, crafted by ace music director R Guru, is a soul-stringing melody and strikes a chord with the listeners.The track is released under the Geet Mp3 Music label, which is known for promoting exceptional music that connects with the masses.

Sitiyaan is a beautiful composition that showcases the artistry of the creators and is sure to touch the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Seetiyan Ringtone

SingerHardeep Grewal
MusicR Guru
LyricsHardeep Grewal
Music LabelGeet MP3

Sitiyaan Ringtone Download

If you are a fan of Punjabi music and want to add a little traditional touch to your phone, then Hardeep Grewal’s Whistles Punjabi Ringtones is perfect for you. This catchy track is for everyone who loves upbeat and peppy Punjabi music and will make you want to dance to it.

Hardeep Grewal is a popular Punjabi singer, songwriter and musician with huge fan following in India and across the world. His unique blend of traditional and modern styles of music appeals to a wide range of audience.

Whistles Punjabi Ringtones is one of the latest releases of Hardeep Grewal which is already a huge hit among his fans. This song is produced under the label Geet Mp3 and music composed by R Guru. Hardeep Grewal’s lyrics and vocals are a treat for Punjabi music lovers and the foot-tapping beats will get you grooving.

To download Whistles Punjabi Ringtones, you have to search in your phone’s app store. Once you have the ringtone, you can download it and set it as your phone’s default ringtone. That way, every time someone calls you, you’ll be reminded of this fun and lively Punjabi track.


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