Rule No.123 Ringtone Download – Emiway Bantai (2023)

Rule No.123 Ringtone Download – “Rule No. 123” is an interesting track which is rendered by Emiway Bantai, a laid back artist from Jasmine. Emiway Bantai is known for his unique word play.

Apart from Emiway Bantai, this song is also by his music label. With his signature style and fiery flow, Emiway Bantai makes listeners dance to his rhythms and beats.

Featuring one of them in this song, Emiway Bantai shows off several of his craft and captivates audiences with his edgy voice and affecting presence. “Rule No. 123” epitomizes Emiway Bantai’s music and cements him in the music industry.

Rule No.123 Ringtone

SongRule No.123
SingerEmiway Bantai
MusicEmiway Bantai
LyricsEmiway Bantai
Release DateJune 9, 2023

Rule No.123 Ringtone Download

Emiway Bantai, a true Indian hip-hop star, has released his new song “Rule No. 123”, from his much anticipated album “Quotes”. The song, which is already getting fans pretty excited, showcases Emiway’s signature style and beat-heavy lyrics, which have become an icon in the music industry.

“Rule No. 123” brings to life Amyway’s signature hard and honest style, where the lyrics demand attention. The song opens with a powerful line, “Don’t fuck with rule number 1 OG,” which sets the tone for the song’s story. Emiway’s clean and powerful vocals combine with the catchy music of puzzle beats that hook listeners from the very first verse.

The song handles the concept of respect and loyalty in the hip-hop world, where staying away from your crush is important. Emiway, known for his effortless vocals and straight-talking persona, uses his lyrics to explain his journey to success and his quest to become the superhero he is today.

With his distinct voice and towering presence, Emiway Bantai has carved a niche for himself in the Indian music scene. His lyrics touch upon social issues, personal experiences and the realities of street life. Her powerful forgiving nature strikes a chord with fans in acknowledging even the worst and expressing hope and forgiveness.

“Rule No. 123” isn’t just a song; In it Emiway channels his OG (Original Gangster) identity in the hip-hop world, seeking respect for his blackness and success. The song showcases his evolution as an artist, in which he recognizes his identity from local talent to becoming a patriot.

Emiway has found great success as an independent artist. He has gained huge fan following on social media platforms where crores of fans are eagerly waiting for his new songs. “Rule No. 123” is a colorful song that showcases the incapability and vocals of Indian artist Emiway Bantai.

Known for Emily’s distinctive style and mellifluous voice, she pours her soul into the song, leaving listeners engrossed in her soulful music. The song, released by his music label Emiway Bante Ke Zara Ke Teh, is an ode to his personal father asking for help.

Emiway easily gets to the heart of this song and has connected with people around the world with her powerful voice and beautiful vocals. From his own triumphs and defeats to societal challenges, his deep and empathetic lyrics make “Gaon Ko Chhote” thought-provoking.

Emiway’s charisma, stage presence and sizzling personality shine through in every line, drawing listeners into her passionate performances. Also, with catchy beats and Maharishi music, “Rhyme No. 123” is a peppy melodic marvel, where catchy vocals and powerful rap lines combine to make for a serious musical experience.

Along with being one of the artists who pioneered and reshaped the world of Indian music, Emiway Bantai is a superpower as he once again shows with “Rule No. 123”. Through this song, we have just showcased our singing, Balki has become the attitude boy of his dreams. This song shows how deep is the distance between Emiway’s art and his peers.


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