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Pehli Baarish Mein Ringtone Download – The soulful song “Pehli Baarish Mein” has taken the music business by storm. Released by the prestigious record company T-Series, this catchy song brings to the fore the extraordinary prowess of singer Jubin Nautiyal. Zubin Gurpreet Saini and Gautam G. Sharma has brought alive the soulful lyrics penned by his mesmerizing voice.

Rochak Kohli, who has a proven track record of composing melodious music, has done a fabulous job with composing the soundtrack of “Pehli Baarish Mein”. The emotions of the song are wonderfully complemented by the composition, giving listeners a thoroughly engrossing experience.

The music video of the song features outstanding actors Gurmeet Choudhary and Karishma Sharma. Their on-screen chemistry adds more depth and meaning to the poignant story of the song. The film “Pehli Baarish Mein” is a visual delight for the audience due to its amazing images and compelling storyline.

The song “Pehli Baarish Mein” has a soulful melody, soulful lyrics and soulful visuals that deeply touch the emotions of the listeners. It has become hugely popular and a favorite among music lovers. The song made a lasting impact on the music business and is a monument to the ability and invention of the artists involved.

Pehli Baarish Mein Ringtone

SongPehli Baarish Mein
SingerJubin Nautiyal
MusicRochak Kohli
LyricsGurpreet Saini and Gautam G Sharma
Music LabelT-Series

Pehli Baarish Mein Ringtone Download

Pehli Baarish Mein is one such catchy song which has taken the music industry by storm. Released under the label of T-Series, the song features talented singer Jubin Nautiyal and amazing performance by Gurmeet Choudhary and Karishma Sharma.

With soulful lyrics penned by Gurpreet Saini & Gautam G Sharma and soul-stirring music composed by Rochak Kohli, “Pehli Baarish Mein” has become an instant favorite among music lovers. The beauty of Pehli Baarish Mein lies in its melodious music. Jubin Nautiyal’s soulful, heavy voice brings out the emotion embedded in the lyrics, creating a seductive experience for sleepers.

The song dwells on the importance of love, yearning and the magic that happens during the first rain of the season. Rochak Kohli’s music is very soothing with the lyrics evoking nostalgia and warmth. Gurmeet Choudhary and Karishma Sharma deliver an impressive performance in the music video of Pehli Baarish Mein.

Their screen chemistry adds depth to the emotion of the song and captures the feel of the song. Gurmeet’s understanding and charisma bring alive the simplicity of the lyrics, whose video becomes a visual treat for the viewer. The overall effect of the song is enhanced by the amalgamation of scintillating performances and enthralling visuals.

Gurpreet Saini and Gautam G Sharma have composed the lyrics which touches the heart and resonates with the sleepers. Beautifully expressed by the words, the emotion is experienced during the first rain, which reflects the freshness of a new beginning.

The lyrics capture the love, yearning and distraught of meeting one’s beloved. The poets through their poetic apologies have created a lyrical masterpiece that strikes a chord with the listeners. Jubin Nautiyal’s voice has a unique charisma that captivates the audience. With “Pehli Baarish Mein” he once again proves his nature as a soulmate. The ability to emote with his voice gives the songs depth and depth, one that listeners can feel every word and emotion.


Who is the singer of the song Pehli Baarish Mein?

The song Pehli Baarish Mein is sung by Jubin Nautiyal.

Which label released the song in the first rain?

The song “Pehli Baarish Mein” was released under the T-Series label.

Who wrote the lyrics of the song “Pehli Barish Mein”?

The lyrics of the song “Pehli Baarish Mein” are written by Gurpreet Saini and Gautam G Sharma.

Who composed the music of the song “Pehli Barish Mein”?

The music of the song “Pehli Baarish Mein” is composed by Rochak Kohli.


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