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Obsessed Ringtone Download – Obsessed is one such sensational song that is taking the music world by storm in the year 2023. This is a heartwarming track featuring the dynamic pairing of Riyar Saab and Abhijay Sharma, both extremely talented singers who together contribute to create a memorable musical experience.

With its infectious beats and catchy chorus, “Obsessed” has quickly become a trending sensation, being loved by music lovers across the globe. The powerful voices of Riyar Saab and Abhijay Sharma perfectly match each other, making Samanvay Mishra treat the listeners on a deep star.

While the song continues to dominate the charts and grab the attention of fans, it cements its place as the most talked about musical hit of the year 2023.

Obsessed embodies the infinite creativity and immense talent of Raayar Saab and Abhijay Sharma whose music is sure to entertain. With its irresistible energy and irresistible charm, the song is definitely a trendsetter, leaving a deep mark on the music industry in the year 2023.

Obsessed Ringtone

SingerRiar Saab and Abhijay Sharma
MusicAbhijay Sharma
LyricsRiar Saab and Abhijay Sharma
Music LabelRiar Saab

Obsessed Ringtone Download

Interesting is the song “Obsessed”, which released on May 1, 2023 and showcases the musical prowess of Riyar Saab and Abhijay Sharma. The music is composed by Abhijay Sharma, and the lyrics are penned by Riyar Saab and Akshat Ghildiyal. The song blends powerful vocals, fresh heavy beats and deep emotions to create a memorable musical experience.

The song begins with “Gaddiya uchiya rakhiya, naran bahut jaat de peech aa” which instantly grabs the attention of the listeners. The words tell the story of a confident and dignified man, and set the tone for the rest of the song. Riyar Saab’s signature voice, on which he sings with passion and depth, brings life to the words.

Abhijay Sharma’s music composition goes perfectly with the song. Fresh heavy beats and catchy melodies create a fusion of Punjabi music and modern melodies, making “Obsessed” a truly unique and fresh track. Music composition talent of Abhijay Sharma shines through, which holds the attention of the listeners from beginning to end.

The music video for “Obsessed” has been directed by Nachiket Parchure, who also served as the DOP (Director of Photography) and colorist. Parchure’s vision and creativity brings words to life through dazzling visuals.

The video captures the essence of the song, showcasing Riyaar saab’s powerful performance and the general energy of the song.The release of “Obsessed” by Riar Saab’s label, Riar Saab, has already garnered a lot of attention. The song has become a trending hit, being loved by the listeners who understand the amalgamation of Punjabi music with contemporary tunes.

Since the song became popular, it has also become popular as a downloadable ringtone, readily available for fans to admire. “Junooni” is a product of the development concept of Punjabi music. The song showcases the artistry and composition of Riyar Saab, Abhijay Sharma and the entire team involved in its excellent production. Will the release of the song on May 1, 2023 cement his place in the music industry and leave questions open?


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