Kya Bolti Public Ringtone Download – Emiway

Kya Bolti Public Ringtone Download – Kya Bolti Public is a peppy and high energy track directed by Emiway and produced by Bantai Studio.

In this song, Emiway Bantai and Young Ghalib have given a powerful performance adding to their Jhatke Darr lyrics. Both the artistes are known for their power-packed performances and thought-provoking rhymes.

The song showcases the raw and unapologetic nature of Indian hip-hop from Perfect Tareke, Jasmine with hard-hitting beats and lyrical prowess.

With its catchy chorus and catchy verses, Kya Bolti Public is a must-listen track for hip-hop fans and is sure to leave a lasting impression on their hearts

Kya Bolti Public Ringtone

SongKya Bolti Public
Musicmyk beats
LyricsEmiway bantai X Young Galib
Music LabelEmiway Bantai

Kya Bolti Public Ringtone Download

If you are a fan of Emiway’s music, then you shouldn’t miss their latest release Kya Bolti Public. This high-energy track showcases Emiway’s skills as a rapper and songwriter and is sure to get you moving and grooving along to the beat.

But that’s not all – with Kya Bolta Hai Public Ringtone Download, you can take this new and hit track with you wherever you go. Just download the ringtone to your phone and you’ll hear Emiway’s catchy hook and powerful lyrics every time someone calls or texts you.

So why wait any longer? DOWNLOAD Kya Bolta Public Ringtones today and live in style with one of the hit tracks of the year.


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