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Krishna Teri Ho Gayi Ringtone Download – Krishna Teri Ho Gyi Ringtone Download – Singer Asees Kaur once again enthralls the listeners with her mesmerizing song “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi”. Asees Kaur brings this song alive with her lovely voice and amazing range, trapping the heart in every note.

“Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” is a beautiful composition that beautifully blends devotion and love, presenting a living picture of the holy union of Radha and Lord Krishna. It takes the listener on a spiritual journey accompanied by Asees Kaur’s Betiyon Gayeeki with very melodious music, evoking a feeling of calmness and peace.

Her effervescent personality and soulful vocals come through perfectly, which leave a deep impact on the listener. Asees Kaur once again showcases her singing talent and gives a touch of natural beauty to “Krishna”.

Krishna Teri Ho Gayi Ringtone

SongKrishna Teri Ho Gayi
SingerAsees Kaur
MusicGaurav Dev and Kartik Dev
Music LabelDesi Melodies

Krishna Teri Ho Gayi Ringtone Download

Asees Kaur, a well-known Indian playback singer, has charmed her audience once more with her deep vocals. The music and lyrics for “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” were written by Jaani’s combo, which also included Aditi Budhathoki and Kinshuk Vaidya, and it has swiftly become a popular among music fans. The combination of melodic music and meaningful words has left a lasting impression on the listeners.

The soundtrack of “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” was expertly composed by “Gaurav Dev” and “Karthik Dev.” They have invented the ideal word by skillfully combining ancient and modern components. Kya Sangeet is a lovely song that merges Indian classical music with current beats. The blending of electronic sounds with traditional vidya instruments gives the music depth and richness.

Jani, a talented poet, has penned shlokas that portray love and devotion eloquently. The lyrics portray a celestial love story, while the mask is entirely dedicated to Lord Krishna. Jani’s remarks elicit a sense of spiritual ecstasy and reveal a strong relationship between the believer and the deity. The lyrics’ simplicity and depth make them accessible to people from all walks of life.

Agam Mana and Azeem Mana’s music video for “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” has brought the song to life with his artistic vision. Without any cuts, Aditi Budhathoki and Kinshuk Vaidya add personality to the song. The visual storytelling masterfully encapsulates the meaning of the song, transporting the audience on an incredible journey of love, faith, and hope.

Desi Melodies, a label recognised for fostering soulful and soulful music, has released another tantalising surprise for music fans. Desi Melodies redefines the Indian music industry and provides a platform for great artists through their beliefs and principles.


Who is the singer of “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi”?

Asees Kaur is the singer of “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi”.

Who composes the music and lyrics of the songs?

The lyrics and music of “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” are magic.

Who accompanied on “Go”?

The song “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” features Aditi Budhathoki and Kinshuk Vaidya.

Who composed the music of the song?

The music for the lyrics of “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” is composed by Gaurav Dev & Karthik Dev.

Who directed the music video of the song?

The music video for “Krishna Teri Ho Gayi” is directed by Agam Maan.


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