Ishq De Fanniyar x Lofi Mix Ringtone Download (2023 Trending)

Ishq De Fanniyar x Lofi Mix Ringtone Download – Ishq De Fanniyar is a melodious song which has been given a new touch with the Lofi mix version. Jyotica Tangri has sung this song and Sharib-Toshi has given its music. Does the song have a soulful feel.

Kumar has captured the essence of love and its different emotions in the lyrics of this song. The Lofi mix version adds a new dimension to the song with melodious and subdued beats. This song is perfect for a relaxed and peaceful mood.

Overall, Ishq De Fanniyar Lofi Mix is a beautiful rendition of a romantic song that is sure to touch your heart and leave you spellbound.

Ishq De Fanniyar x Lofi Mix Ringtone

SongIshq De Fanniyar x Lofi Mix
SingerJyotica Tangri
Music Name Fukrey Returns

Ishq De Fanniyar x Lofi Mix Ringtone Download

If you are looking for a new ringtone that is trending in 2023, then check out Ishq De Fanniyar x Lofi Mix. This is a catchy remix that blends the romantic lyrics of Ishq De Fanniyar from Fukrey Returns with a soothing lofty beat. It is a perfect mix of love and relaxation.

The lyrics of the original song are by Kumar and penned by Jyothika Tangri. In this song there is a story of two lovers in which they are so crazy for each other. Using the Lofi beats, Ishq De Fanniyar x Lofi Mix creates a relaxing vibe that will make you listen to it over and over again.

And what’s the best part? Now you can download this ringtone and make your anthem. So what are you waiting for? Add Ishq De Fanniyar X Lofi Mix ringtone to your phone and join the trending craze of 2023!


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