Gujju Pataka Ringtone Download – SatyaPrem Ki Katha

Gujju Pataka Ringtone Download – The superhit song Gujju Pataka will get you moving to its upbeat sounds. The Gujarati party hymn has a fresh approach in this song by Meet Brothers with its upbeat sounds and catchy melodiousness. The primary vocalists of this song are Meet Brothers, whose well-known music is characterised by black, and whose melodic voice enhances the beauty of this song.

Gujju Pataka is a celebration of Gujarati culture from start to finish, fusing traditional aspects with contemporary music. This song will get you moving, whether you enjoy festivals or are just in the mood for some fun music. It also makes me want more.

Gujju Pataka Ringtone

SongGujju Pataka
SingerMeet Bros
MusicMeet Bros
Music LabelT-Series

Gujju Pataka Ringtone Download

Get ready to immerse yourself in the color and harmony world of Gujju Pataka, an upcoming Bollywood film, Jise Apna Denge that will hook people with its peppy songs and heartwarming storyline.

Composed by Meet Brothers, lyrics by Kumaar, and directed by Sameer Scholars, the film promises to be a delight for the queer Indian cinema. “Gujju Pataka” produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, Sharin Mantri Kedia and Kishore Arora is slated to hit the screens on 29 June 2023.

A Bollywood film has its soul music, and “Gujju Pataka” succeeds in that count. Pratibha Meet Bros brings their musical prowess to the fore in this project, resulting in a soundtrack like People Jhoom Uthe that hits the heartstrings emotionally. With its catchy melody and grace of affecting melodies, Unhoon has created a variety of music that stays with the listeners long after the movie is over.

To provide depth and meaning to the music, Kumar has composed evocative lyrics for the aesthetically pleasing songs. Kumar, who is known for his ability to capture emotion with his phrasing, has created poetry that fuses words and music.

Ranging from romantic ballads to energetic dance numbers, the songs of “Gujju Pataka” beautifully convey the journey of the story of the film and add another layer of sparkle to the overall experience. “Satyaprem Ki Katha” is slated to play a lead role in “Gujju Pataka”, which finds the questions a heartwarming tale filled with love, laughter and a bit of drama.

Under the direction of Sameer Vidhan, whose unique story-organisation skills are known, the film opens with a sense of genuineness and austerity that connects the viewer to the living beings and their journeys. The film delves into the complexities of and the pitfalls of human emotion in a light-hearted and entertaining manner.


Who is the singer of the song “Gujju Pataka”?

Meet Brothers is the singer of “Gujju Pataka” song.

Who has composed the music of the song “Gujju Pataka”?

Music of “Gujju Pataka” song is composed by Meet Bros.

Who wrote the lyrics of the song “Gujju Pataka”?

The lyrics of the song “Gujju Pataka” are written by Hai Kumaar.

Who has directed the music video of the song “Gujju Pataka”?

The music video of the song “Gujju Pataka” is directed by Sameer Vidwan.


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