Cloud 9 Ringtone Download – Maninder Buttar

Cloud 9 Ringtone Download – Cloud 9 is a wonderful piece of music rendered by the very talented singer Maninder Buttar. With his soulful voice and charming demeanor, Buttar effortlessly transports listeners to a haven of subtle calm.

Gaana, aptly called Cloud 9, is a musical journey that embraces the excitement of love and happiness. Maninder Buttar’s soft nuggets dance passionately with the music listeners, finding a connection with the heart and soul of every listener.

With the music flowing like this, Cloud 9 turns out to be a picture a vivid portrait of holy bliss, where worries fade away and an exhilarating feeling takes over. The song is beautifully composed by Maninder Buttar from Date, which leaves a deep impact on the heart of everyone who basks in the glory of its music.

Cloud 9 Ringtone

SongCloud 9
SingerManinder Buttar
LyricsManinder Buttar
Music LabelManinder Buttar

Cloud 9 Ringtone Download

Maninder Buttar’s latest track, Cloud 9, is taking the music industry by storm with its magical heavy beats and its poetic and relatable lyrics. The song, released under Maninder Buttar’s own label, is written and composed by the artist himself, and features Avira Singh Mason.

The track is dedicated to the cloud nine feeling, a state of complete bliss and contentment that we all strive to achieve. And now, with Cloud 9 Ringtones Download, you can be in joy all day long.

Whether you’re a die-hard Maninder Buttar fan or simply love the song, this ringtone download is the perfect way for you to take Cloud 9 with you everywhere you go. Imagine, you get a call or a text, and you hear Maninder Buttar singing the soulful voice of “Tere Naal Hona Ni Yaara, Naal Hona Ni Yaara Ve” – it promises to lift your spirits and brighten your days .

Then wait no more – go to your favorite music streaming platform or website and download Cloud 9 ringtone today. We believe you will not mind!


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