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Aaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia Ringtone Download – Aaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia is an interesting collaboration between two renowned actors, Bohemia and Imran Khan. The amalgamation of his varied musical repertoire brings forth a magical experience for the listeners.

A collaboration with competition duo Aavaai and Awaid, the song takes you to Taal Mandali tunes and melodious sur accompaniment vocals. Will the song release on April 20, 2023 under the renowned label, Afternight Vibes, which has garnered worldwide views.

Aaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia is a genius take on the soul and craft of composition by one of a kind musicians that leaves a deep impact on everyone who hears it.

Aaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia Ringtone

SongAaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia
SingerBohemia & Imran Khan
MusicAwais & Awaid
LyricsBohemia & Imran Khan
Music LabelAfternight Vibes

Aaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia Ringtone Download

Aaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia is a delightful collaboration between two amazing actors Bohemia and Imran Khan. With their combined efforts, they have created a magical song that showcases their unique style and poetry.

The lyrics of the song are penned by Bohemia and Imran Khan, Jism Josh, Bhavana and Shehri Mehek Hai. In this song, both the artistes, Bohemia and Imran Khan, combine their soulful voices to create a sweet concoction of melodious notes.

Their daughters coming together and their powerful voices make Aaja Ve Mahiya X Bohemia a special song that tugs at the heartstrings of the listeners. Prepare to be immersed in a world of music where the artistry of Bohemia and Imran Khan come together to present an immersive and memorable musical experience.


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